LEERSTUK (n. n.)

LEHRSATZ (deu.) · PRAECEPS (lat.) · PRECEPT (eng.) · PRINCIPE (fra.)
PRAECEPS (lat.) · PRECEPT (eng.)



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Ende in der waerheydt, de gantsche Schilder-Konst wordt in dapper weynighe leerstucken begrepen; de welcke, gelyck se heel en d'al nodigh sijn den ghenen die niet te vergeefsch willen arbeyden, so moeten se nochtans den aenkomelinghen op 't aller kortste ende op t'aller eenvoudichste voorghestelt worden. Wanneer men in 't teghendeel een groot ghebaer maeckt omtrent de grondslaeghen deser Konste, so ghebeurt het menigh werven dat de nieuwelinghen t'eenemael van de Konst vervreemden, afgheschrickt sijnde door de verdrietsaemheydt van sulck een veelvoudigh ende inghewickelt onderwijs: ook soo wordt altemts haer verstandt, 't welck in 't eerste op 't aller lieffelickste gekoestert moet worden, verduft ghemaeckt door de schraelheydt van allerley opghesochte voorslaeghen:

[Suggested translation, Marije Osnabrugge:] And in truth, the whole Art of Painting is understood in very few precepts; which, as they are totally necessary for those who do not want to work in vain, then they should be introduced to the beginners in the briefest and most simple [NDR: way]. When one, to the contrary, makes a grand gesture regarding the precepts of this Art, then it happens many times that the newcomers immediately alienate from the Art, frightened by the sadness of such a manifold and complicated education: similarly often their mind, which should first and most kindly be cherished, is sedated by the scarcity of all sorts of far-fetched advices:


term translated by PRAECEPS in JUNIUS, Franciscus, De pictura veterum libri tres, Amsterdam, Joannes Blaeu, 1637., p.5
term translated by PRECEPT in JUNIUS, Franciscus, The Painting of the Ancients, in Three Bookes : declaring by Historicall Observations and Examples, the Beginning, Progresse, and Consummation of that most Noble Art. And how those Ancient Artificers attained to their still so much admired Excellencie. Written first in latine by Franciscus Junius, F. F. And now by him englished, with some Additions and Alterations, trad. par JUNIUS, Franciscus, London, Richard Hodgkinsonne, 1638., p.10

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