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We now draw pretty near to our intended purpose, viz. Minuture or Limining to the life in Water-Colours : But,
How to prepare a Table for a Picture in small.
Get pure fine Paste-board, such as the ordinary playing-Cards are made of, you may have of what size and thickness you please, and very finely slick’d and glazed, at the
Card-makers : Take a piece of this Paste-board of the size you intend your Picture ; then take a piece of Parchment of the finest and whitest you can get, […] paste the Parchment to the Paste-board, with the out-side of the skin outermost ; lay on your Starch very thin and even ; then your Grinding-stone being made very clean, lay the Card thereupon with the Parchment-side downwards, and as hard as you can, rub the other side of the Paste-board with a Boars tooth set in a stick for that purpose ; when it is thorough drie, it is fit to work upon.

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