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AFTER him [ndr : Lysippe de Sicyone] succeded his Scholar Pamphilus de Macedonia, the first that improv’d himself, and the ART, by his Study of good Literature, and especially in Arithmetick and Geometry ; without which, he was of Opinion it was impossible to be a perfect and compleat Painter. His Authority so far prevail’d, that by a strict and perpetual Edict, the States of Greece ordain’d, that all Gentlemens Sons, and Freeborn, should go to the Painting School, and there be taught First, above all Things, the Art Diagraphice : That no Slave should have that Privilege, or under a Penalty be taught by any the ART, or Mystery of Painting ; and that it should be accounted and rang’d in the first Degree of the liberal Sciences.

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PEINTURE, TABLEAU, IMAGE → définition du dessin
PEINTURE, TABLEAU, IMAGE → définition de la peinture
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