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Lysippus heeft in alle sijne wercken een sekere biesaerdigheydt uytghedruckt, iae hy heeft de selvighe in d'alderminste dinghen waer ghenomen. Plin. XXXIV.8.

[Suggested translation, Marije Osnabrugge:] Lysippus has expressed a certain bizarreness in all his works, yes he has seen it in the smallest things. (…)

From this brief extract, it becomes clear that Junius, basing himself on Plinius, associates the hellenistic sculptor Lysippos with the characteristic of ‘bizarheid’ (bizarreness). He does not explain the reason for this association or what the term means to him. It might be related to the idea of a certain specificity or characteristic style. The phrase about Lysippos is quite different in the English edition: ‘Lysippos is most of all to be commended for fine and queint workmanship ; seeing hee observed in the least things a certain kind of subtiltie.’ [MO]

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